our mission

Solo is unique.
It praises the irregularity of the handmade pieces as it believes believes that it’s in the traces left by human hand, that objects become more human and unique.

Solo is earth.
It’s the main elementary matter that is shaped and burnt. This is a very old and natural relationship between man and the land itself and its goals.

Solo is natural.
It chooses human experiences in relation to the sun, the sea, the fauna, the flora, time and the human being.

Solo is conscious. 
It seeks to offer an honest product and respect that hands that produce these objects and those who will use them. Loyal to nature and sustainable production.

Solo is impact.
Solo wants to have a positive social impact and create work opportunities, training and hope. For this reason, Solo’s workshop is located in Caxia’s prison, where the pieces are handmade by its inmates.